Patagonia Dreaming

A recent email received from my brother-in-law reminded me of my brief university days in Tasmania in the 1960s. There I was driving along Sandy Bay Road in Hobart in my 1954 MGTF humming to my favourite pop group The Mammas and the Papas singing California Dreamin’. However, on reflection it was actually me who was dreaming because I was in Patagonia Chile in 2014 having been privileged to represent Australia in the first World Masters Fly Fishing Championships based at a fly fishing lodge in Balmaceda.

This breathtaking article, Angling for a Whopper in the Fly-Fishing Paradise of Patagonia, by Jon Gluck in The New York Times was a strong reminder to me that there is a balance between work and play as I haven’t been trout fishing for longer than I can remember.

Photo credit: Marcos Zegers, The New York Times

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