Licensed Auctioneer


In Reg’s opinion auctioneering is a transparent way of marketing and selling property particularly in an environment where we have the lowest interest rates in 50 years.  Auctioneering is now gaining momentum in Perth, giving positive results for vendors in a competitive bidding environment.

The Benefits of Auctioning Your Property

Why should you auction your property rather than having a set date sale, expressions of interest or advertising without a price?

  • Auctioneering is a transparent way of selling your property with a settlement date to suit the vendor.

  • An auction exposes the property to the market place over a 4-week period and brings together on the day a group of interested buyers to achieve the best price possible.

  • The auction process conditions potential bidders to the fact that the vendors have a genuine desire to sell the property.

  • It generates maximum exposure in a transparent environment without placing a ceiling on the price.

  • The successful bidder purchases on an unconditional cash basis with a definite settlement date chosen by the vendor.

  • Given a comprehensive campaign the vendor has the option to accept offers prior to auction.

  • A sale by private treaty can lead to prolonged negotiation where the auction process leads to an early outcome.

  • Private treaty home opens can occur at times to suit the prospective purchaser (virtually any time), whereas with the auction process the home open times are set in advance to suit the vendor.

Reg auctioning a property in Murray Street, Perth - June 2016
Reg auctioning a property in Murray Street, Perth - June 2016